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Brazosport Website Design & Search Engine Marketing

Texas Internet Solutions is a Brazosport Website Design & Solutions company. We build creative, attractive, results-driven websites that are intuitive and easy to use. View Our Portfolio or Click Here To Request A Quote.

Brazosport Web Hosting Services

Use this site planner to receive a free, no-obligation quote. We will evaluate your needs and respond with a ballpark figure of what it would cost to develop your project. 

1. What is the main Purpose of your website?

To advertise my business.
To sell my products.
To sell my services.
To provide a helpful or community area.
To promote an organization.
To gain National clients and customers.
To gain Global clients and customers.

2. Who will be your main, or 'target' Audience?

Other Businesses.
Mainly Men.
Mainly Women.
Students, college or trade schools.

3. How large of a site did you have in mind?

Up to 6 pages
Up to 10 pages
Up to 20 pages
Small Corporate Internet Site (Up to 30 pages)
Small Corporate Intranet Site (Up to 50 pages)
Large Corporate Internet Site (Over 100 pages)
Large Corporate Intranet Site (Over 100 pages)

4. Will you need or want your own domain name? (i.e.
Yes No

If you already have a domain name please enter the URL here:

5. Would you like for us to "host" your web site or do you already have a web host in mind. 

Yes I would prefer that you host my new web site.

No, I would prefer to host my web site with a different company.

6. Will you need or want a shopping cart where customers can place orders securely? 

Yes No

If yes, then how many items will your shopping cart need to contain?
1 - 15 Items
15 - 35 Items
35 - 100 Items
101 - 500 Items
Over 500 Items

7. With regards to setting up and maintaining your web site, which of these options would you prefer?

I prefer a complete 'package' that includes design, hosting, uploading, maintenance and support. You guys do everything.

I prefer to have the site designed by you but would like to do all uploading and maintenance myself.

8. With regards to your web site and general Internet experience level, which of the following would best describe you?

I am a complete beginner. I barely know how to check my email.

I am a beginner, but I know how to use email very well and I'm starting to get the hang of the rest of this "web stuff".  

I have some experience. I converse via email often and I can browse the web with no problems.

I am very experienced. I understand how web sites work and I use email often. I've even learned how to create a basic web site using standard HTML, but would prefer someone more experienced handle my main site for me.

I am a web site design and programming expert. I've created many web sites myself and even have experience incorporating CGI, JavaScript, PERL, ASP, PHP and other web related scripting lanquaqes into my web sites.

9. If you choose us to complete your web site project, will you be able to deliver the 'content' for your web site to us via an electronic format--i.e. a word processor document, related image files, etc. via email or on a floppy diskette? Or would you have to deliver it via snail mail in written/printed format which we would then have to retype on our end?

I would be able to deliver the 'content' for my new web site in an electronic format.

No, I would not be able to deliver electronically. I would expect you to have to retype my current printed documents.

10. Have you begun preparing the content (i.e text,pictures,etc.) you would like in your web pages?
Yes No

11. Would you like more information about our services?
Yes No

Email address:

Full Name:

Please tell us about your company or organization and any ideas you may have for your new website: